October 28, 2014

heirloom tomato jam

I don't like wasting food, but honestly, sometimes it's sadly the case with produce, especially organic produce that just doesn't keep as long. I was determined this time to not waste this lovely batch of heirloom tomatoes that I knew I wasn't going to be able to consume before they went bad. So, I decided that I was going to whip up some tomato jam that could be stored in the fridge for a lot longer than they would keep fresh. The first time I tried anything like it was at the ever popular Brenda's French soul food a few years ago on their egg and bacon tartine. Since it's been a few years that I've gone to Brenda's I completely forgot about it... until about a week ago at the Big Sur Bakery where they served it on their grilled cheese sandwich. The perfect complement to the salty gruyere cheese. It is seriously the perfect way to preserve those beautiful tomatoes. So far, I've had it on toast with avocado, in a grilled cheese sandwich, and atop a zucchini omelet. Such a wonderful little condiment to enjoy and feel guilt free about (both on the waist and not in waste)!

Tomato Jam

1 cup of organic heirloom tomatoes
2 tsp. of sugar

Throw tomatoes into a saucepan on med heat. Once the tomatoes are heated through start breaking them up and mashing slightly (or just take a knife and cut slits in them). Turn heat down to low-med heat so the tomatoes are simmering in their juice. Add sugar (depending on how sweet the tomatoes are you might want to adjust your sugar, so add 1 tsp. first, taste, then add more if needed. The jam should be slightly sweet but still a little tangy). Stir occasionally in the beginning, but once the mixture gets thicker you'll need to stir more often so the bottom doesn't burn. Continue cooking until the mixture has reduced and becomes a jam like consistency. Put in a jar or container and enjoy for the week!

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