October 24, 2014

finally, friday

Lunch at the Big Sur Bakery -- this place is so worth the stop and their shortbread cookies are great on the go. 

Oh, you know, just some camp food for ya.

Breakfast on deck (literally) overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Another one of those breathtaking sites.

Just before the sun went down...

This past week has been pretty busy with work but I'm so glad the first part of it was spent enjoying the outdoors and some quality time away from everything and everyone. Anyway, I'm glad the weekend is here and hope that you'll have a happy one!

The only three Michelin star restaurant I've wanted to go to is The Restaurant at Meadowood. It just looks so unique and I love that they forage for some of the ingredients... and then of course I still want to go to Kusakabe for obvious reasons, sushi!

The moment I own a house I'm building a wood fire oven in my backyard, but for now... there are other options for making a crisp thin crust pizza.

A new designer I discovered and all of her pieces look like they fit heavenly.

Is it really true that eating mackerel over shrimp will help to reduce your carbon footprint?

I've never been into dressing up for Halloween, but in preparation for next week if you're thinking of that sexy _____ costume but aren't quite sure watch this video about guys trying sexy costumes on-- it might change your mind (or maybe not... then more power to you sista!).

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