July 26, 2013

finally, friday

What I'm craving for breakfast

Happy Friday! Here are a few things I'm currently loving.

So sad that my favorite new show is already over (and that Chris didn't win). Now what do I look forward to on Sunday nights?

Everyone needs a pep talk sometimes. Give the world a reason to dance.

This is next on my ice-cream-making-to-do-list.

Glassware like this would dress up any dinner party or brunch.

Love everything this company stands for and the glass is so beautiful. Can I have one in every color?

July 19, 2013

finally, friday

This is just about the best veggie sandwich ever. And probably what I'll be having for lunch today too.

Happy Friday, friends! I've decided to start something new. It's nothing new to the blogging world, just new to my blog. Every Friday I'll be linking you guys to a few of the things I'm loving because hey, sharing= caring. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

If I ever have kids, I'm using this as a guideline for cultivating good eating habits.

New acquisition of this top requires a tropical vacation, stat.

I see this being made and eaten in my very near future.

These two women are insanely brave and super rad.

Makeup should look effortless.

July 10, 2013

so happy to have found you

I had a close call with losing my beloved beanie the other day. It's actually a beanie I purchased for my bf, but one that I often will borrow- to be honest, I probably wear it more than he does (okay, okay, so I hog it). I love everything about it. The cut, material, color, warmth it's provided, everything. It's pretty much sentimental to me now since I've had it for so long so you could only imagine how frazzled I was to have lost it. Long story short, I retraced my steps in my head and found dear beanie. So, so happy.

Wilfred Capucine t-shirt, Madewell denim, T. Babaton beanie, Kenzo sunnies, Converse

July 06, 2013

that summer

I have a thing for pieces that are unexpected (just like these pants) and this skirt is definitely one of them. It's so sporty looking that you'd immediately think it was made from cotton, but it's actually made out of silk. It easily scores some extra points in the versatility category. I can dress it up or down depending on my mood. Wear it casually with flats to a summer picnic, or throw on some heels for date night.

Madewell skirt and sandals, Wilfred Avron tank, Talula lace bralette, Kenzo sunnies