October 31, 2014

finally, friday

This morning's sunrise was gorgeous. It's rare that I'm up and at 'em when it's still dark outside... Fall has definitely arrived (and the rain too)!
Went "foraging" with my mom this week and got some lovely cherry tomatoes and strawberries.

Made savory tomato jam-- what a wonderful way to preserve something and eat it out of season.
Happy Halloween folks and happy Friday! This weekend should be a relaxing one as there's just a few things going on, but nothing big. The rain should only last for today and then the rest of the weekend looks clear, although I wouldn't mind a little more rain. California needs it and what better excuse than a rainy day to cozy up and read a book. I hope you have a beautiful day!
I'm hooked on watching these videos from Free People on loving what you do.
Looking for a cute holiday project to help decorate and get in the spirit? Here's a cute DIY.

Don't these just sound amazing for breakfast... right now.

This DIY of a whale is so cool, and thank goodness for Google translate.

October 28, 2014

heirloom tomato jam

I don't like wasting food, but honestly, sometimes it's sadly the case with produce, especially organic produce that just doesn't keep as long. I was determined this time to not waste this lovely batch of heirloom tomatoes that I knew I wasn't going to be able to consume before they went bad. So, I decided that I was going to whip up some tomato jam that could be stored in the fridge for a lot longer than they would keep fresh. The first time I tried anything like it was at the ever popular Brenda's French soul food a few years ago on their egg and bacon tartine. Since it's been a few years that I've gone to Brenda's I completely forgot about it... until about a week ago at the Big Sur Bakery where they served it on their grilled cheese sandwich. The perfect complement to the salty gruyere cheese. It is seriously the perfect way to preserve those beautiful tomatoes. So far, I've had it on toast with avocado, in a grilled cheese sandwich, and atop a zucchini omelet. Such a wonderful little condiment to enjoy and feel guilt free about (both on the waist and not in waste)!

Tomato Jam

1 cup of organic heirloom tomatoes
2 tsp. of sugar

Throw tomatoes into a saucepan on med heat. Once the tomatoes are heated through start breaking them up and mashing slightly (or just take a knife and cut slits in them). Turn heat down to low-med heat so the tomatoes are simmering in their juice. Add sugar (depending on how sweet the tomatoes are you might want to adjust your sugar, so add 1 tsp. first, taste, then add more if needed. The jam should be slightly sweet but still a little tangy). Stir occasionally in the beginning, but once the mixture gets thicker you'll need to stir more often so the bottom doesn't burn. Continue cooking until the mixture has reduced and becomes a jam like consistency. Put in a jar or container and enjoy for the week!

October 24, 2014

finally, friday

Lunch at the Big Sur Bakery -- this place is so worth the stop and their shortbread cookies are great on the go. 

Oh, you know, just some camp food for ya.

Breakfast on deck (literally) overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Another one of those breathtaking sites.

Just before the sun went down...

This past week has been pretty busy with work but I'm so glad the first part of it was spent enjoying the outdoors and some quality time away from everything and everyone. Anyway, I'm glad the weekend is here and hope that you'll have a happy one!

The only three Michelin star restaurant I've wanted to go to is The Restaurant at Meadowood. It just looks so unique and I love that they forage for some of the ingredients... and then of course I still want to go to Kusakabe for obvious reasons, sushi!

The moment I own a house I'm building a wood fire oven in my backyard, but for now... there are other options for making a crisp thin crust pizza.

A new designer I discovered and all of her pieces look like they fit heavenly.

Is it really true that eating mackerel over shrimp will help to reduce your carbon footprint?

I've never been into dressing up for Halloween, but in preparation for next week if you're thinking of that sexy _____ costume but aren't quite sure watch this video about guys trying sexy costumes on-- it might change your mind (or maybe not... then more power to you sista!).

October 22, 2014

big sur big love

The California Coastline boasts some beautiful views and Big Sur definitely has some of the best. Big Sur is such a magical place, I could return over and over. It's waters range from a beautiful aqua blue (you'd think you're somewhere tropical) all the way to the deepest, darkest sapphire blue. There's an enormous range of creatures to see from pods of whales and dolphins frolicking out of the waters, butterflies and birds freely flying, otters holding hands in the kelp and elephant seals barking in the distance. There's also the majestic redwood forests and relaxing sounds of waterfalls. Breathtaking sunsets. And you can't forget the sight of a billion stars at night.

We took a trip down the coast mainly because I wanted to experience Treebones, a resort where you can glamp, camp, or stay in a human nest all while overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean. Since I didn't get to camp this past summer, I took the opportunity to stay in one of their Sibley tents, already set up with a front row view of the Big Blue. It was amazing to say the least... my favorite parts being the incredible sunset, stargazing at nighttime, and waking up to that view. It's a place I would definitely return to and hope it's not long before I do.

October 17, 2014

finally, friday

All aboard the USS America. So glad I got to tour the carrier before it took off for San Diego. Was a great Columbus day spent. 

On the flight deck of the USS America.

Also enjoying that last bit of the Bay Area's Indian Summer. Hopefully there's a few more weeks of this left (and then hopefully the rain, we need it!).

Finally made a couple pouches out of remnant fabric I got at the Pendleton store in Oregon from two years ago.

I'm so, so excited for this weekend. We're headed to a place I've been before a few hours away, but that's not the exciting part-- well, it is part of it, but there's something even more exciting. We will be staying at a place I've been wanting to stay at for quite some time now and I could not be more excited. Hopefully it lives up to it's expectations. I can't wait to share with you all once the weekend is over, but until then, enjoy your weekend and I'll be back Monday!

So this is why my guilty pleasure junk food are flaming hot cheetos. 

Very cool website dedicated to adventuring!

A fun and silly quiz to find out which 90's fragrance you were... I got Bath and Body Works spray, too funny! Also a reminder how fragrances can bring back certain memories or times in your life...

October 13, 2014

music mondays

Aside from the lyrics, there's something so romantic about this tune... I want to dance under the light of a thousand stars...

October 10, 2014

finally, friday

A snapshot from one of my favorite places to frequent during one of the most beautiful nights

One of the most delicious brunch places in the city-- it's standard American breakfast, but so well done. Those potatoes... and the lemon ricotta pancakes...

Practice makes perfect right? Just practicing my soldering to make these silver rings.

One of the lovely meals I had this week-- I love me a good portobello steak

San Francisco, still beautiful even on a foggy day.

Happy Friday everyone! I almost lost track of the days and forgot it was Friday! Yay for the weekend and for fleet week, my favorite event in the city. Will you be getting out and enjoying the events?

Sushi myths, busted.

I enjoy watching the show Naked and Afraid and the fact that this lady survived (albeit, clothed) is crazy!

This outfit is so good, too bad the weather has gone down about 20 degrees for me to wear something like it!

So I watched this documentary this past week and I literally was tearing up at how beautiful the relationship and interactions between humans and nature are. I pretty much can't believe this is a real story. A must watch!

October 03, 2014

finally, friday

Ever tried kiwi berries? It was my first time this week and they are delicious little treats! 

All I need is a SUP (stand-up paddle board) and I'm good.

Swooning over this wave puzzle made by the amazing German company Grimms. Their toys are beauties!

Just enjoying a homemade burrito bowl inspired by none other than Chipotle.

Enjoyed brunch with some friends early in the week at Hecho, and while the food wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be, their flatware on the other hand was.

Can we just talk about the Bay Area weather for a minute? It's been crazy hot, and is supposed to continue through the weekend which means I'll be spending lots of time outdoors when I'm not at one of the few birthday celebrations I've been invited to. Hope you all enjoy every minute of your weekend.

I don't know where my sense-of-bitter-taste genes lands on the spectrum, but I do know that I enjoy me some bitter flavors... maybe I've just grown accustomed?

All I know now is that most airplane food is blech... unless you're on an Asian airline then it's either acceptable or actually really tasty.

I'm definitely a fan of social media and feel it's done some really great things to enrich our lives, but I also think there's a sort of sick effect it can have on people as well, which is why I try to remember to really live life and be in the present (by being off my phone and in the moment with those I'm with).

October 01, 2014

september favorites

I realize I haven't done a favorites in a while-- but it's probably because there hasn't been anything I've been really loving enough to share with y'all. This past month was different. There have been a lot of good things I've been loving and not all of them new. Some of them have been re-discovered in my beauty stash, read on to find out!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and creamy concealer. Both I've had for and am really loving using both. I forgot how pretty the finish on the foundation is and how incredibly good the coverage is on this concealer, it covers like nobody's business and still looks very natural.

Can we first take a moment to give a nod to what this girl is doing with her makeup/hair/fashion game? It's hugely influencing a lot of the fashion world at the moment and it's no doubt she had a little influence on me. Because of this I had to pull out my Bobbi Brown lip color in Brown as well as my long-wear eye pencil in Mahogany to achieve a sort of Kylie Jenner inspired look. I added a mascara that I've had before and absolutely loved, but this time I got it in the waterproof version. I'll have you know my version is no where near as overdrawn and dramatic as hers, but a more wearable, simple version.

These cotton pads from Muji have made my nighttime routine much easier. Something about the square cotton pad is more absorbent (than a regular cotton ball) and makes removing my waterproof makeup that much easier.

I have been obsessed with this cami and would wear it every day if I didn't think my friends would look at me like I was disgusting.

The other item I've been practically living in is this hoodie from Mollusk Surf Shop. In my college days and even a couple years after I was all about wearing hoodies. Soon after that, I got rid of most all my hoodies and didn't go near one for a while, until this bad boy. The marled heather gray material, it's slightly loose, but not sloppy fit, and the sewn on captain steering wheel makes this the perfect throw-on cover up.

I've never been a huge fan of dresses, but immediately when I saw this one I knew it was love. I'm excited to keep wearing it through the colder months with tights and oversized cardigans.

I got the audiobook version of #GIRLBOSS and it was an entertaining book about how Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of the ever popular Nasty Gal built her empire. With her unconventional approach to just about everything, she now owns one of the fastest growing women's retail companies and she started it all out of her love for finding and selling vintage items on Ebay. She's got a bad-ass attitude (which I think every entrepreneur should have a little bit of) and a lot of passion for the Nasty Gal brand. An inspiring and fun read that I'd recommend to anyone needing a little inspiration or motivation, not just in business, but in life.