October 10, 2014

finally, friday

A snapshot from one of my favorite places to frequent during one of the most beautiful nights

One of the most delicious brunch places in the city-- it's standard American breakfast, but so well done. Those potatoes... and the lemon ricotta pancakes...

Practice makes perfect right? Just practicing my soldering to make these silver rings.

One of the lovely meals I had this week-- I love me a good portobello steak

San Francisco, still beautiful even on a foggy day.

Happy Friday everyone! I almost lost track of the days and forgot it was Friday! Yay for the weekend and for fleet week, my favorite event in the city. Will you be getting out and enjoying the events?

Sushi myths, busted.

I enjoy watching the show Naked and Afraid and the fact that this lady survived (albeit, clothed) is crazy!

This outfit is so good, too bad the weather has gone down about 20 degrees for me to wear something like it!

So I watched this documentary this past week and I literally was tearing up at how beautiful the relationship and interactions between humans and nature are. I pretty much can't believe this is a real story. A must watch!