October 03, 2014

finally, friday

Ever tried kiwi berries? It was my first time this week and they are delicious little treats! 

All I need is a SUP (stand-up paddle board) and I'm good.

Swooning over this wave puzzle made by the amazing German company Grimms. Their toys are beauties!

Just enjoying a homemade burrito bowl inspired by none other than Chipotle.

Enjoyed brunch with some friends early in the week at Hecho, and while the food wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be, their flatware on the other hand was.

Can we just talk about the Bay Area weather for a minute? It's been crazy hot, and is supposed to continue through the weekend which means I'll be spending lots of time outdoors when I'm not at one of the few birthday celebrations I've been invited to. Hope you all enjoy every minute of your weekend.

I don't know where my sense-of-bitter-taste genes lands on the spectrum, but I do know that I enjoy me some bitter flavors... maybe I've just grown accustomed?

All I know now is that most airplane food is blech... unless you're on an Asian airline then it's either acceptable or actually really tasty.

I'm definitely a fan of social media and feel it's done some really great things to enrich our lives, but I also think there's a sort of sick effect it can have on people as well, which is why I try to remember to really live life and be in the present (by being off my phone and in the moment with those I'm with).

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