December 20, 2013

homemade peppermint chocolate marshmallows

Okay, let me start off by saying these peppermint chocolate marshmallows are the perfect holiday treat. Perfect.

Homemade marshmallows are hands down far superior than any store bought kind. My first experience making them was a few years ago and happened to be one of my early blog posts. It was then that my eyes were opened to the world of marshmallows. I don't normally gravitate towards eating them, buying, or cooking with them. On the occasion I will fancy them in my ice cream, or once in a blue moon when I have a s'more, but that's really about it. The idea of them doesn't get me excited, rather making them, well, my eyes light up... at the thought of them being fresher and fluffier, the endless flavor combinations you can try, the soft and tender pillowy-ness. And to boot, they are just too darn cute. They're going to be a perfect addition to my Holiday gift baskets (post coming soon).

I used this recipe for the peppermint mallows, but split the candy into two same-sized pans and used just shy of a full teaspoon of peppermint extract instead. Immediately after making the peppermint batch I went right into making a chocolate batch and put about 3/4 of the candy on top of one peppermint pan (I put the remaining 1/4 into a separate pan for mini chocolate mallows). Immediately after I spread out the chocolate I carefully pry the other peppermint mallow from it's pan (make sure to put foil in the pan first and it will be much easier) and place it on top of the chocolate (press gently) to create a white and brown striped marshmallow. It's important to put the last peppermint layer on immediately after this step so all layers "meld" and stick together, this will ensure that there are no visible seams. Wait about 4-6 hours (the recipe says longer, but I've always done it sooner) and cut with a lightly greased pizza cutter, then toss in the powder sugar/cornstarch mix. Tip: I like to use a 1:1/2 ratio of cornstarch to powder sugar because I don't like my coating too sweet.

I think the next step in my marshmallow adventures will be making them sans the corn syrup and with just sugar instead. Have you tried it this way? If so let me know how you liked them!

**Update: The marshmallows taste great on their own, but I tried it in a cup of hot cocoa tonight and it was so, so good.

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