December 04, 2013

back to the basics

Brandy Melville tshirt and pants, Forever XXI cardi,  Dolce Vita shoes, Rouge Dior 862 lipstick

I have to admit, I like a good seasonal trend here and there, but when it comes down to it, my one true love, and something I'll continually return to is a good basic. Not any basic though, one that fits right in every spot, almost like it was made just for your body. One that fits so well it's like the designer knew your exact measurements and preferences to make a piece that hugged all the right areas, would hang off your body in the most flattering way possible, and lay just perfectly where it should. Ahhh, that is perfection... but it's not that easy to come by. This top and pant have the perfect amount of slouch and drape-- and bonus! are made in a super comfortable material. Regardless of my never ending affinity towards minimalistic outfits, it only felt right to keep this look simple and allow the fit to do all the talking.

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