October 05, 2009

vintage neapolitan marshmallows

My sister came across these super cute vintage marshmallows on Etsy a while back. They're cute, delicious little treats but they can be kinda pricey - so why not try to make them yourself (that is, if you have the time)... so that is what we did this past weekend. You can find the recipes for the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry layers online. Beware though, these are the recipes for the full batch, so you should cut it in half if you don't want a ton of these little sugary treats. We ended up making the mistake of not halving it and ended up with a ton, but it turned out just fine because we were able to give some away to our friends!

The recipe we used said to let the layers set for about four hours before you spread on the next layer, but you really don't have to wait that long... we waited about half an hour to an hour to put on the next layer and it turned out fine.

These will be perfect to make around the Holidays to give as gifts with little packets of hot chocolate.

We even had a little extra chocolate mixture so we just made small chocolate marshmallows and they are the perfect little sweet snack - I've been popping them in my mouth all weekend when I need to satisfy a sweet little craving.


  1. yeeah! i was going to say that it'd be soo super cute as Christmas gifts! i think im gonna go back to making Christmas cards this year... we'll see