December 06, 2013

finally, friday

For a couple years, every year my bf and I would go over to Half Moon Bay to pick out and cut down our own Christmas tree at this farm, but let's face it, it's not something him or I wanted to keep up with every single year. The first year we didn't go, the bf's housemate came up with this tree made of books and for the past couple years we've continued doing it. Why not save a tree and make one out of something that was once a tree? Have a happy weekend!

I love Ellen Degeneres and this video will keep you laughing throughout.

If you're in your late twenties you'll definitely get this.

I always knew I had a thing for color, some say I own five of the same nail polish color, I say they are all different. After taking this test and scoring perfect it's confirmed and a no wonder I love color so much (not speaking of my wardrobe though, ha).

Even more reason to try and avoid as much plastic as possible. Say no to plastic!

Such an inspiring story of a man swimming the Strait of Gibraltar for a good cause.

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