October 25, 2013

finally, friday

Morning walks in the mist are kind of nice. Probably because no one is out and it's quiet and peaceful. Hoping you're able to find some peace and quiet this weekend to reflect on life's beauty. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kendama is such a cool toy, I totally want one now.

Again, addicted to watching short videos on sustainable eating. Gotta love the Perennial Plate and their recipes too.

I do think creatures and animals know when something is going on, kind of a sixth sense-- animals flocking towards shore before tsunamis, dogs barking if strangers are at the door...

A peek into what a week of groceries around the world looks like. Womp, womp, the US is of course filled with processed foods.

This sea captain must have been so devastated and sad to see (or not see) this on his journey.

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