October 24, 2013

cooking thai: tom kha with mushrooms and tofu

The weather is inevitably going to get colder and colder as winter approaches and I definitely have been feeling a bit of the chill in the air lately. It totally made me want something soupy and comforting, so I decided to make one of my favorite Thai soups, Tom Kha Gai, without the Gai. I used this recipe, but substituted chicken broth for veggie, and chicken for king oyster mushrooms and tofu and it was delicious. Mind you, I've also made it with shrimp instead of mushrooms and tofu and it was just as delicious, if not more. I highly recommend trying this wonderfully easy recipe on your own!

As soon as all the ingredients are chopped up and ready to throw in the pot, you immediately feel like you're in a Thai restaurant from how fragrant everything is.

For those wondering about the Thai ingredients used and what they look like I've pictured them below (Exact amounts of what's in the soup are not shown).

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