October 08, 2013

an indian summer

This past weekend was so warm all over the Bay Area, and for someone who is a heliophile, I absolutely loved it. I'm hoping the warm weather lasts for a little while longer before the Fall chill comes through.

A few weeks back I went through my entire wardrobe and purged. As I went through my closet I was disgusted with how much I had and didn't wear. I ended up with three garbage bags full of clothes and accessories. I'll be donating everything to those that need it and will appreciate it so much more than I have. Something so simple as purging made me realize and re-think how I shop. Since then, I've been out shopping with friends and purchased nothing. Absolutely nothing. Yeah, it's a new thing for me and I am loving it.

That being said, I still have a few garbage bags worth of clothes to wear so if I shop, I'll be shopping my existing closet. I've already re-discovered and fallen back in love with this pineapple necklace and have worn it for almost a week straight and counting.

San Diego Hat Company wool cap, TNA muscle tank, Paige destroyed denim, Birkenstock sandals, Jcrew pineapple necklace

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