April 25, 2014

finally, friday

Have I ever mentioned to you that I love beets? I especially love them roasted and in a salad or on their own accompanied by a salty cheese and a little balsamic vinegar. They're colorful, sweet, and hearty... and I love them. Just look at how beautiful they are, how could you not?

Absolutely in love with these sandals and the color just puts them over the top.

As if laying on the beach isn't already awesome enough, just add this towel for extra fun.

Turning slime into eco-friendly fabric from an animal that eats dead things? Weird, and oddly super cool (if it actually happens)!

How adorable are these "Winter Sweater Toes"? Must keep in mind for this year's Holiday season!

Absolutely in love with this brand and it doesn't help that everything is super soft times ten.

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