April 11, 2014

finally, friday

Apologies for the poor lighting!

I tend to eat salad pretty regularly throughout the year, but once the warmer weather sets in and summer produce begins to bounty I really love me a good, hearty salad. My favorite thing about salad other than for it's obvious health benefits, is that they are easy to throw together, and there are endless combinations. This past week was my first time using baby kale as the main leafy green and I loved it. I added a tomato varietal, some hearts of palm, avocado, seared ahi, a sprinkling of shaved romano, and dressed it in a light caesar vinaigrette dressing. Here's to the warmer weather!

Crazy video taken of an unusual, rarely seen, but really cool sea creature.

After recently coming back from Korea, this article is all too familiar.

Found an awesome company that sells laid back, casual, quirky clothes for the ocean lover.

I was never the type of person who liked going to crowded music festivals, but for those of you who love them, but aren't going to be at Coachella this year, maybe this will soften the blow?

What does your coffee style say about you?

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