February 18, 2013

arugula, fennel, and beet salad with orange

I was originally inspired to make this salad from this recipe I pinned on my Pinterest page.

What better than a salad that has three of my favorites in it- beets, fennel, and arugula. Beets are slightly sweet in taste, and have a hearty texture. I'm gaga over fennel... it has a clean anise flavor and gets sweeter as it cooks. Arugula is peppery and crisp. What happens when you combine three of your favorites, and add some oranges? Divinity. Try it.

Salad Fixins'
Organic arugula
Roasted beets
Cara Cara and Navel oranges (use any you want, even blood orange, but sweeter = yummier)
Roasted fennel (I like mine roasted, but with a slight crunch so it still keeps it's anise flavor)

Dressing (tasty on it's own, but if you like dressing here's what I did)
Whole grain mustard
Good extra virgin olive oil
Good balsamic vinaigrette
Salt & pepper
Honey (or any sweetener you prefer)
Fresh lemon juice
(Add all ingredients to your liking and whisk!)


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