April 17, 2014

wild hawaiian opah with capers

I've only ever seen Opah, aka Moonfish, when I've been in Hawaii. I'm not sure if it's only native to the Hawaiian waters, but I do know that it does live there and is a fish Hawaiians will often eat. When I saw wild Hawaiian Opah being sold at my local grocery I freaked out and absolutely had to get it. I actually had no idea how I was going to prepare it, but in the end I threw together a few things in the kitchen and resulted in a really delicious dinner for two. The fish has a meaty texture while still being a little on the flaky side (like seabass or cod) and when cooked just right, like any kind of fish, is moist and delicious. I enjoyed it and would definitely get it on the (rare) occasion it's at my grocery store again. I'll provide a rough idea of what ingredients I used, and if you're really interested in a detailed recipe I can scrape my memory and put one together for you, just let me know in the comments section!

Wild Hawaiian Opah with capers

The Sauce, sauteed
Handful of capers
Vegetable broth
Grape tomatoes
One large clove of garlic
Juice of half a lemon
Chopped cilantro
Pat of butter
A little honey
Salt and Pepper to taste

The Fish
Opah (seasoned with salt and pepper). Pan seared then finished off in the oven.

The Vegetables

Two large handfuls of haricot vert, boiled long enough to take off the rawness but still maintain it's crisp. Place on plate and the sauce from the fish will be enough to flavor it.

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