April 30, 2014

what's in my beach bag

What's in my beach bag

Here's a glimpse of some items I keep in my beach bag, and some items that I'm still pining for that would make my beach (or pool) bag complete! I've been loving the Skipping Girl tote bags for some time now and have yet to get my hands on one. It's awesome because they're made from recycled/repurposed old fishing twine which means they are not only eco-friendly, but the twine allows any bits of sand to just fall through so it doesn't get stuck in your bag! They come in so many fun patterns, this one is currently my favorite (cherry pattern pictured above). What's in your beach bag?

Left to right:
Insulated Klean Kanteen - there's nothing more refreshing than an ice cold drink on a hot day
Baby Lips Dr. Rescue - who wants dry, chapped lips in the sweltering sun? Not me!
Ocean Potion Sunblock - this is my favorite brand of sunscreen. It absorbs quickly and does the job
Kindle - it's nice to have a few option of books to read at the beach while not having to tote around all the extra weight
Triple C earbuds - these ones by Triple C are stylish and retract so you don't have to worry about cords getting all tangled in your bag
Topshop sunglasses - these are fun and inexpensive enough to where you won't have to worry if they get sandy, wet, or oily from sunblock
Clear Avery Lolo Bag - this small waterproof pouch is perfect to throw jewelry in or if you're a beachcomber like me, any treasures you find on the beach
Pack to Basics reusable lunch bag - I like to maximize every minute at the beach, so I usually pack lunch or snacks so I don't have to pack up and leave, then come back. This insulated bag is perfect for sandwiches, fruit, or even snacky foods like cheeses and chocolate because it keeps everything cool
REI Binoculars - compact and powerful enough to see if there's any marine life you can see from shore
Samudra pouch - excellent pouch/clutch to put your wallet, phone, and anything else you want to keep protected. They come in awesome prints which are actually photos printed on material
Turkish Towel/Blanket - nice and large, perfect for beach lounging and it's by a brand I love
Watershot underwater housing for iPhone - I still have my eye on one of these for my iPhone. It's portable, easy and reliable for getting awesome underwater photos
Biltmore x Madewell cap - caps are awesome for covering up unruly beach hair and giving your face some much needed sun protection


  1. The most remarkable stuff that I will never forget to include in my pack are my Canon PowerShot and a pair of flashlights. I used to scuba-dive at night and capturing breathtaking view of bioluminescent species is just an experience of its own. Thanks for sharing!

    Paul Cherry @ VestPac, Inc.

    1. Awesome Paul! I just got certified, so maybe I will have to also add those to my beach bag!

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