January 24, 2014

finally, friday

View of the city skyline from Warming Hut

I love to frequent Crissy Field and the Warming Hut, especially on gorgeous days in the city. This day was especially nice. The sun was out and there was little to no wind, nearly perfection. We're gonna have another warm weekend and in the middle of January I'm definitely not complaining.

Homemade ice cream is so fun to make, but if you don't have an ice cream maker try out this NY Times adapted recipe, it sounds pretty good.

In my future home I'd like to have hardwood floors but would add rugs in a stylish way to keep it cozy.

Such a cool project to do with your smartphone, the nerd in me wants to try and make it.

All you San Francisco cats lovers, get ready.

Otters are my favorite animal and how cute (sooooo cute) are these recent photos from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Bay Area surfers, Mavericks is a go.

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