January 31, 2014

finally, friday

Sunset at Pillar Point tidepools

This weekend is a little less hectic for me and I couldn't be happier about it. Other than Chinese New Year dinner and of course, our annual Super Bowl party with friends, I will be chillin'. I'll probably catch a yummy brunch somewhere, take a visit to the Japanese Market, and do a little reading. Hope you're able to enjoy your weekend, and if you're watching the Super Bowl (bummed about the Niners), go Seahawks! :)

17 signs you're addicted to the ocean and I fall into about twelve of them.

If guys and girls switched roles on social media it would be both hilarious and disturbing.

Food Art. Various National flags done up in their own traditional foods, very creative!

Only been to Arashiyama and it was definitely cool. But look at that tulip field.

I love sea otters, and this documentary is next on the list to watch. Bookmarked.

Did you witness any of these sky events this past week? If not, you still have time to catch one tonight!

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