January 08, 2014

december favorites

This month there weren't a ton of favorites, but hopefully you'll enjoy the few ones I had.

1. Triple Ginger Brew from Trader Joe's - If you like ginger, this is super good. Spicy, sweet, has a kick and came in a cool reusable bottle. This was a Holiday item, but good news is, the drink is staying on shelves year round, just in regular soda-type bottles.

2. Tovolo King Ice Cubes - I've been wanting these for a few years now and finally got some for Christmas! They are ideal for drinks on the rocks since they don't water down your drink as fast, but for me, I love enjoying them in just about any non-alcoholic drink of choice. Funny how a giant cube of ice instantly makes your drink feel more special.

3. Three nail polishes have been in rotation - A bright red (Deborah Lippmann, It's Raining Men), a blue black that looks almost black when applied (OPI, Incognito in Sausalito), a deep romantic red (Zoya, Sasha)

4. Waterproof mascara (not pictured) - I don't have a certain brand I love yet, but waterproof is currently the only thing that keeps my lashes curled!

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