January 08, 2014

an evolution of hair

I love to experiment with my hair. To me, it's an extension of your style, which for most people evolves over and with the times. Generally, I prefer having short hair over long, but the past few years I've kept it longer so I can wear my natural wave, but the main reason is due to lack of hair inspiration. Thank goodness inspiration came because my hair was starting to look a mess. After seeing Karlie Kloss chop her long locks I knew I wanted a similar look-- a bob gone completely modern and one that could be styled a number of different ways. Knowing my stylist's packed and busy schedule, I booked my hair appointment a month in advance to get it chopped off for the new year. And let me tell you, it was a good long month trying to style my hair so I didn't look like cousin it.

Here's a look back at my hair past and present.

2006: Short with side swept bangs, 2007: Long and straight, 2008: Short A-line bob, 2009: Short with bangs, 
2010: Piecey with bangs, 2011: Mid-length, 2012: Mid-length, layered, 2013: Color!, 2014: Modern bob

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