January 14, 2014

keeping tahoe blue

This past weekend I headed up to Tahoe with a few friends for a mini getaway. We're so lucky to be able to drive just a few hours away from the city to get to some of the most scenic mountain views. I love that in the Winter it's filled with snow-- perfect for building snowmen and sledding, or skiing and snowboarding, and my favorite, getting cozy in a warm cabin to watch the snow fall. Summertime is probably my most favorite time to head up though-- the warm summer air means going on scenic hikes, jumping in the lake, swimming, fishing, and barbecues on the back deck. Tahoe is a beautiful place with none like it. Here are a few snapshots from this past weekend.

The sunrise view of the lake and mountains from my bedroom

Enjoying the snowfall

Hanging at the lake

My friend's dog playing in the lake

Frozen over water on the sandy beach

Beautiful scenery

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