May 14, 2013

homemade vanilla bean ice cream

I love making ice cream and with the weather warming up, what better than make a batch for Mother's Day! I've made a couple batches in the past-- four barrel coffee with oreos, salted ganache with almond brittle (inspired by this amazing ice cream I had in Portland), but never made a simple, classic vanilla bean. I decided to make it for Mother's Day and followed this sure-to-be-good recipe, and sure enough, it was delicious. My sister also decided to make an egg-free froyo following this recipe and it was so rich and so good. Instead of making a blueberry sauce we made a strawberry sauce which paired really well with the tartness of the froyo. I highly recommend making ice cream for dinner parties since it should be made at least a day ahead (less work the day of) and is just so special when made at home that it's sure to impress your guests.

Leftover vanilla bean
Lemon frozen yogurt

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