November 21, 2013

chevron glitter nails

I like to get a little creative with my nails sometimes, and will now especially beacuse I picked up a few new polishes from Sephora's new line "Formula X". It claims to have super intense color, extremely high shine, and really cool, innovative polishes that give your nails different looks or as they put it, effects. I'd heard many people raving about the polishes so I knew I had to give them a try. After trying them out, the verdict is that they are amazing, I'd almost claim them as game changers. The colors are super opaque and the glitters really are unique like they claim. Many have also said these polishes are like the ever popular gel polish that stays on longer than regular polishes, and retains it's high shine. There's a system that is used to achieve this, which requires a few different stages: cleanse, prep, polish, then top coat. I actually decided to forgo the system and just got a few of the different polishes which have held up well without the system so far (the photos above are after about a week of wear).

With my new polishes I decided to have a bit of fun and do a simple chevron nail. I used a nude Zoya polish and the Formula X polish in "Opposites Attract" which is packed with tiny pieces of gold glitter, and with only two coats it appears you dipped your entire nail in glitter. After applying the Zoya polish I let it dry fully (this is important) before applying tape to expose the area I was going to paint with the glitter polish. After painting the exposed areas I took the tape off, let my nails dry, applied top coat, and voila! You've got fun, nude nails that can be worn practically anywhere!

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