May 22, 2013

san francisco flower mart

I love having fresh flowers around and will on occasion pick up a bouquet while at the grocery store (I currently have some gorgeous pink peonies sitting in a vase), but I can't always get myself to splurge on them considering they will die off in a few days or a week. The San Francisco flower mart is a really fun place-- to see all the different flowers and colors, and at a lower cost too! I'll come up with reasons to go which usually means coming up with an excuse to make a few bouquets to make the trip worthwhile. Not only that, but you end up buying bundles of flowers to mix and match to make the perfect bouquet, so unless your arrangement is really large, you'll end up with a couple bouquets. To see my easy DIY on a beautiful flower arrangement go here. Of course, the mart is filled with seasonal, fresh flowers so the season will determine what's available to make your beautiful bouquet. The best part about picking out your own flowers from here is that you will have a wonderful, unique flower arrangement that looks like you spent a lot, but you really only spent a portion of what you'd pay from a florist.

Know that the flower mart is closed on Sundays, and on other days is open super early to the local florists, then opens up to the public from 10am-3pm.

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