March 04, 2013

simple floral arrangement

Flowers are one of those items that people don't receive often, but are always nice to have around. Here's how to make an easy, beautiful arrangement for the next occasion you give someone flowers, or maybe it will inspire you to find a reason to. :)

You'll need: flowers, banana leaf, vase, floral wire or wet floral foam, water, garden shears

1. Decide on a palette of colors (I went to the SF Flower Mart and found a beautiful lilac flower-- this was my inspiration for the rest of the color palette)
2. Find a combination of flowers that are different in size, texture, color and fullness
3. Pick a vase, this will determine the height and shape of your arrangement
4. Begin by combining and alternating the different flowers you picked. Go with what you think looks best, there's no right or wrong, if you don't like it you can always change or add to it after
5. Once you have the arrangement bundled and you're satisfied with it, take floral wire and wrap the stems together tightly*
6. Cut stems at an angle and at the height that fits your vase
7. Add banana leaf around circumference of vase and trim to fit
8. Add flowers and water

*You can also use wet floral foam which will allow you to stick the flower stems into the foam to hold the arrangement in place. If you do this, you will need to cut the stem as you go (and skip step 6).

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