May 07, 2013

striped trousers

We've been experiencing summer weather all around the Bay recently, up until the last few days. It's been strangely overcast yet still warm, making really comfortable and pleasant weather to chill outdoors. We headed out to Crissy Field and the Presidio to enjoy the rest of the day and that is when the skies started to clear and the sun peeked through the parting clouds. I sometimes take it for granted, but I absolutely love that we live so close to the water so I can get to it within a matter of a few minutes, especially on days when the weather is unexpectedly beautiful. 

I love the sportiness of these pants, and that they can also be slightly dressed up if called for. They have that great boyish, loose fit and scream minimalist, but also carry a femme feel to them (and not in a frilly way) which I dig. They're also a great alternative to these pants and at a fifth of the price!

T. Babaton tee, Forever 21 pants, Madewell sandals, Biltmore for Madewell cap

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