April 03, 2013

color obsession

Mackage Kenya leather jacket, La Notte Marcello tee, Bebe denim, Tylie Malibu leather backpack, Zoya nail polish in Maura

That perfect leather jacket is hard to come by, so I knew when I came across this one by Mackage, I had to invest in it. The leather is buttery. The cut resembles that of a moto-jacket, yet it's still got feminine shape. There's a slight slouch to the fit. All of the above make this the perfect leather jacket, but there's one thing that puts it over the edge-- it's color. The color is so unique, the picture doesn't quite do it justice. If you ask me to describe it, I'd say it's a dark brownish, olive-y, greyish, taupe-y, I'm-a-one-of-a-kind-nobody-is-like-me shade. Swoon. It's beautiful and I will enjoy wearing it just as much as I enjoy admiring it in my closet. On that same color note, this polish by Zoya is my ultimate favorite-- a little red, some orange, a splash of watermelon and bam! you've got yourself the most amazing red ever. Call me color obsessed, oh, because I am.

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