April 24, 2013

bring me back to paradise - hawaii part 1

I was in paradise for a week and am going through withdrawals. The first few days were spent in Oahu, a very familiar island that I've probably been to almost a dozen times now. The remainder of the time was spent on Kauai, one of the last islands I have yet to explore (last one to go, Lana'i!). We spent a majority of the time eating and going to beaches on Oahu, while Kauai was spent exploring the beautiful "Garden Isle" and really finding out why it's nicknamed that. Pictures tell a story so much better than I could (and are less boring than listening to me ramble on about my love of the islands... trust me, I could go on for days), so enjoy the following part 1 of our Hawaii trip on Oahu (part 2 here).

Our first stop, Zippy's. Oh that famous apple napple and chili over rice

Poke, crabcakes, and onopops at the Farmer's market. I heart you lilikoi 50-50, I heart you

Kamehameha Bakery's taro glazed donuts, one filled with haupia. And yes, it's really that color

Okay, I give you something other than food, but just one photo :)

Macky's shrimp truck, best one on the island IMO

Musubi from Mana Bu's. Must go early to get the good stuff

Helena's Hawaiian. Boiled butterfish with watercress, luau squid, and I finally got to try opihi!

Espresso chocolate, lychee, lilikoi (passionfruit), chocolate mint, strawberry chocolate chip, and guava ice cream mochi from Bubbies
Do not be fooled. I may look like any scone, but I'm not. I'm a blueberry cream cheese scone from Diamond Head Market & Deli

If you're heading to the islands for the first time, or your fourteenth, here are a list of other places you might be interested in checking out!

More Eats
Nisshodo Candy Store - Delicious, handmade mochi. Tender and fresh. My favorite is the tsumami (lima bean filled) and their chi chi dango. Get there early, or call in and pre-order.
Alan Wong's - Nice, upscale restaurant, and really good. Every dish is Hawaiian inspired. Great if you're wanting fine dining.
Side Street Inn - Sportsbar feel with really grubbin' food. Very generous portion sizes so try to go with a group so you can try more items on the menu. Kimchi fried rice, pork chops, my mouth is salivating.
Matsumoto's Shave Ice - On the North Shore. Great assortment of flavors. Li hing and lemonade- yumzo.
Shimazu - Really smooth shave ice.
Liliha Bakery - Well known for their coco puffs, but I could just go for their butter rolls. Get it served there, toasted and served with jelly.

Beaches (other than the ever-crowded Waikiki)
Kailua Beach Park
Lanikai - Right next to Kailua
Waimea Bay
Turtle Bay Beach - Turtles galore feeding on seaweed!
Ko'olina Lagoons - very calm lagoons great for kids

Local shopping
Fighting Eel - Women's fashion
Local Motion - Surf and beach fashion

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