September 05, 2013

padrón peppers

Padrón peppers are such a yummy summertime treat, I could definitely eat these regularly and wish they weren't such a seasonal item. They are the perfect snack food, appetizer, or accompaniment to any dinner needing a little something special. The taste resembles that of a pimiento pepper, but is slightly more bitter in flavor, and what makes this pepper so much fun to eat is the surprise of whether or not you're going to get a spicy one. Out of every few you eat, you're bound to get one with a little bit of heat, oh so deliciously surprising. 

One of the best things about these are the ease of preparing them-- they are best when simply sauteed with a good, fruity extra virgin olive oil and finished off with a sprinkling of salt (bring out the good sea salt if you have some for extra yumminess). If you haven't tried these little bites before, I highly recommend going to your local farmers market or specialty grocer (I got mine at Whole Foods, but have seen them at various farmers markets as well) to pick up a basket or two before the season is over!

Blistered and Tender Padrón Peppers

Wash and clean as many peppers as you want to eat and then dry them. Heat sauté pan on low-medium heat and add olive oil. Add pepper to pan and let cook until side is blistered. Turn each pepper and blister on each side which will make the pepper nice and tender. Once all peppers are cooked until tender and blistered, remove from pan to serving platter and sprinkle with salt to taste. Enjoy.

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