March 01, 2013

homemade oreos

I have a love-hate relationship with oreos. Mainly due to the amount of cream filling they have. I'm not a huge fan of the filling, but rather, the delicious, chocolatey cookie. I wish that instead of having to scrape out some of the filling and throw it away, that it would come with less (if they have double stuffed, why not a skinny version too? C'mon Nabisco!), so of course, I decided to make my own! I used this recipe and they turned out great. The filling on the other hand, I went a little crazy with. I got carried away with the filling on the cookies, which totally defeated the purpose of me making these with less, ha! It worked out since the filling wasn't quite like what you'd find in the store bought cookies, so I tolerated them a little better, but next time I make these I'll for sure hold back on the filling.

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