March 27, 2013

loungin' around town

BCBG pants and cardigan, Wilfred Free tee, Madewell sandals and bag, Makeup Forever lipstick

I purchased these pants a while back on sale, but never got around to wearing them. I finally dug them out of my closet and am not sure what took me so long to wear them. They are by far the most comfortable pant I own and are really great for lounging around in, but since they're made of silk they easily feel more dressed up and less like you're in a pair of sweats. It's not always easy to find pants that you can feel super comfortable in (without looking like a slob) and also having the versatility of being able to dress it up or down depending on what you're wearing. On top of all that, it's a bonus that they are in a neutral gray color, making them an easy piece to pair with just about anything.

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