August 06, 2014

grab me a cold one

I have been obsessed with cold-brew coffee lately, especially with learning how easy it is to make... it's almost effortless. I was over at my sister's house one day and she offered me some cold brew coffee and I immediately saw she was taking her own container of coffee out of the refrigerator. I asked "You made it???". She replied yes and that it was easy to make. You measure out coffee grinds, add room temp water, leave it overnight (some say 24 hours) and wa-lah! You've got yourself some cold brewed coffee only needing to be strained from the grinds, poured over ice, and dressed up with the normal additives you like in your cup of joe and then consumed. I actually like to keep mine in the fridge overnight (not sure if it does anything to the 'steeping' process, it seems to work still) so it's cold in the morning and won't melt as much of the ice you pour it over. Oh man it's good. Something about brewing it this way makes it lower in acidity too which makes it super, super smooth. For whatever reason I thought cold-brew coffee was this long, difficult process, but it's actually super easy. The only thing it takes is time, but a majority of the time it takes to make I'm fast asleep dreaming of that cold cup of joe when I wake.

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