August 29, 2014

finally, friday

First off, just a little #flashbackfriday with a photo of Spouting Horn from the time I was on Kauai.
Happy Labor Day Weekend folks! I'm excited about the long weekend even though I haven't quite decided any of my plans yet, but I'm sure whatever I end up doing will be fun. I'll probably do a little relaxing, a little adventuring, and of course, eating some good food. I'm most excited to be staying in tonight with popcorn and a good documentary. The weather forecast is sunny and nice so be sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather and of course that Monday off!

I love that Alice Waters made a garden at a local school in Berkeley to not only teach kids about where food comes from, but hopefully instill in them a stewardship over the Earth.

I'm a huge fan of Mind of a Chef, but even more a fan of Chef Sean Brock. The first season (with Chef David Chang) is still my favorite thus far, but this second season was great to watch as Sean talked about heritage foods and Chef April Bloomfield discussed respecting animals and using them whole. I totally believe in the same philosophy on food as these two so I was especially intrigued by the season and can't wait for what's in store when season three starts in about a week!

Do something nice for someone this weekend.

I've followed Juley for a while, but it was even more interesting to hear her story on the Everygirl of how she started her own business and followed her dreams, especially during a time where I'm pursuing my own.

Even though it may take years, being able to nominate a marine sanctuary is amazing progress.

These spaces are just the right amount of outdoor/indoor and coziness put together.

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