August 08, 2014

finally, friday

Me (left) and friend Monica (right)

Oh you know, just an awkward scuba photo from getting certified this past June. I laugh when I see it because it just shows the struggle and effort it took to lug and wear all the gear. Good times, good times.

I don't know about you, but by 2048 I still want to be eating seafood...

Capturing things in slow motion is really amazing and cool, just like this popcorn popping, this beer bottle trick, or this crazy mouse trap thing...

Such a cool concept for a restaurant now open in San Francisco... I'm definitely checking it out asap!

These ceramics are so gorgeous I'd be afraid to use and possibly break them.

Majorly swooning over this dress even though it looks semi like a picnic tablecloth.

Really wanting to take a short road trip for the weekend to Mendocino and breathe in all it's beauty.

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