August 01, 2014

finally, friday

This photo was taken at one of my all time favorite places in San Francisco, Land's End Lookout. I often come here to hang out, walk around, catch the sunset, enjoy lunch and the scenery... you name it. Lately though, I've been heading a little farther from Sutro Baths and walking over to the point where you can catch a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's far less crowded and much more quiet, a wonderful place to experience golden hour and watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean all while also viewing that golden light hit the bridge-- absolutely gorgeous. On this particular day I was able to spot some dolphins down below in the water either playing or perhaps feeding. There is so much magic in this spot it's ridiculous.

Ever think about where the fish at pet shops and aquariums come from?

I'm interested in living off the land and hope to one day have a full garden of my own, hunt, and fish so I don't have to depend on grocery stores as much, but this, this seems so extreme and almost-crazy-but-at-the-same-time-cool. You know what show I'll be watching for the next weeks to come.

Okay, so some of these photos might be cheesy, but some of them are so cute they'll make you say "awww" (or at least I did!).

This guy takes some amazing photos, I'm feeling inspired to try and snap some of my own.

Excuse the profanity, but WOW.

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