February 07, 2014

finally, friday

My breakfast as of late: Acme Pan de Mie with PB&J and a creamy soft boiled egg + black coffee

The rain is finally here! Although my preference for weather would be cloudless blue skies and sunny weather in the 70's, I'm really happy that the rain is here. We totally need it so I hope it continues to rain for a while. Time to break out those rain boots, have an awesome weekend!

Such an interesting illustration of what the reality is these days.

If only I could travel the world for my job...

A house made almost entirely out of salvaged materials. Complete with a wood-burning stove/heater, and composting toilet (blech!). Still, it's super cool and believe it or not, also for rent on Airbnb.

Cooking a special meal at home with your Valentine? Make it extra festive with some diy cloth napkins.

Bali has been somewhere on my travel list, but it's bumped it's way up after seeing this.

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