February 04, 2013

chocolate butterscotch pot de creme

I've been wanting to make this dessert ever since dinner a few years ago at Town Hall. It's the most delightful cream dessert. Smooth, silky, rich, sweet, and even better homemade. I found the recipe here and while it was pretty spot on, I would add more butterscotch chips to the recipe especially since you only use a bit of the butterscotch on top of the chocolate layer. Because the recipe doesn't require you to actually cook this in the individual ramekins themselves, it means you can put it in any cute jar or pot you want and that's exactly what I did. While the name itself Pot de creme (poh-de-creme) sounds super fancy and a bit intimidating it was an easy recipe to follow and is sure to impress guests at your next event. I took mine to yesterday's Super Bowl party (let's not even talk about how the niners played), but was sure to save a few at home to enjoy for myself- wonderful.

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