February 08, 2013

after the rain

Talula Trooper jacket, James Perse sweater,
Bebe black denim (old), Kamik rain boots

After a pretty long dry spell, we're finally getting some rain again. It rained for a good portion of the morning but by noon the skies had cleared and the sun came out. I know Hunters are one of the more popular rain boots, but I think Kamiks are just as nice, if not nicer. They are super comfortable and come in really pretty colors like eggplant purple and gemstone teal (yes, I made those names up). They also carry them in wild, fun prints too! This jacket is also a great staple to have and in this dirty army green color it's the perfect neutral to wear with just about any outfit (although if it was an all day downpour and I had to walk blocks in the rain this jacket wouldn't do). I just realized that I'm wearing two Canadian brands and they just so happen to be my favorite brands. Gotta love Canada, eh?

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