February 06, 2013

a short and SLO holiday

Last week I took a short trip down to San Luis Obispo for work. SLO is a quaint college town, and what I love about visiting besides the obligatory visit to Firestone Grill (for their amazing tri-tip sandwich) is the short drive to the coast, Pismo Beach. The weather was gorgeous while we were there, and before heading home I made sure to stop by the coast for a bit. This time, we happened upon this gorgeous lookout spot where you could see the ocean and beach from the cliffside. It appears that it's a good spot for surfing, fishing, and parachute jumping off of cliffs, but we just soaked in the sunny weather and breath-taking view. If ever in the area, I would definitely recommend checking out the quaint town of SLO as well as checking out Pismo Beach and having some clam chowder at the famous Splash Cafe. After that, go exploring and head a little North along the coast and you may just find yourself at the best lookout yet.

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