September 26, 2014

finally, friday

Pens from Muji. Love!
Uni from Hokkaido, so much splendor in my mouth
My new love, akamutsu. If you haven't had it yet, go get it. It's up there with toro, I think I might even like it better.
Swedish gummies found at Miette (if you haven't had Swedish gummies, they are on another level of gummy goodness... just so you know). They don't always carry these.. apparently they are "seasonal" so get them while you can!
My two favorites playing together at the park

Just a few of my favorite things pictured above. I'm going to start this new thing where every Friday accompanying my post will be a few snapshots from the week... so sorry ahead of time if they aren't the best quality photos, most of them will be from my phone. :) Have a lovely weekend people!

These geometric nests are everything. I want one!

A "hello" is just a "hello", isn't it? Yes, it is.

Super funny, and I'm finding is pretty true of your thirties.

Oh how I wish to be going somewhere where I can do this.

Now this is what I'm talking about, a zero waste grocery store to get rid of the plastic packaging. I would go if it was here in the States, would you?

That's right, another Glassybaby location and this time it's in the South Bay.

How gorgeous are these handmade wooden serving boards... too pretty!

I do think there's a lot of good stuff talked about in this article, mainly that we humans have neglected what we've been doing to the oceans for so long-- this doesn't just mean overfishing, but also pollutants.  While I do believe that certain populations and remote areas need to survive off hunting these creatures, it's gotten messed up by greedy humans that either don't realize what is happening, or they just don't care. And I'm not saying we should stop enjoying food, I'm just saying we should think more sustainably about it all so it can be enjoyed forever. I just hope we realize and make the necessary changes before it's all too late... or is it already?

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