September 05, 2014

finally, friday

Behind the scenes at the Minted photoshoot

Happy Friday folks! I've had a busy couple of weeks doing makeup gigs, but one that I'm particularly excited about is one with Minted. If you're not already familiar with the brand, they are an online stationery company (now they have prints, decor, and soon to launch material!) that sell a bunch of independent artists' work. I was asked to make up a few artists from their community for an ad shoot they're doing and it's really exciting! I'll be sure to share any news about the shoot and if it gets featured in any magazines. Anyway, it's past five-o'clock and that means it's the weekend, cheers!

Pretty soon we are gonna be farming everything.

Even though I don't eat meat, this steak looks amazing, especially when cooked over hot lava.

Next time you think about drinking out of that plastic bottle or littering on the street, think about this.

Hoping I can do some of this before it's gets way too cold.

Anybody out there tried the brand Aesop? I'm super interested in trying them out... recommendations welcome!

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