September 19, 2014

finally, friday

Remnant fabric from a trip to Portland a couple years back... oh how I love the colors!

Today I was reminded that things happen for a reason and even though things may not work out how you want, you gotta keep pressing onward. Here's to a relaxing, chill, but productive weekend!

I love that San Francisco is doing more to get to zero waste... donate those old clothes!

For all you brunch enthusiasts, there's a funny chart for almost every brunchy situation.

As a former owner of hamsters (I had three when I was in middle school), this was totally cute and brought back many a hamster adventure/memory.

You whiskey connoisseurs out there, can you tell the difference between small batch and big producers of whiskey?

When you think about hospital food here in the States you probably gag just a little, but other countries seem to fare just a bit better... and some probably just as bad, if not worse.

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