July 25, 2014

finally, friday

Scenes from a day at the beach. Man, God really did make such a beautiful world that we live in. I can't help but be amazed at all the beautiful things he created, and then think about all the things He's created that we haven't even discovered. On this particular day there were tons of jellies, namely the Portuguese Man o' War, that had wash up on the beach. Though they're beautiful with all their blue, turquoise and purple colors, they've got a mean sting. Funny that something so beautiful could be so harmful. Anyway, those are just some thoughts to leave you to the weekend... have an absolutely wonderful one!

Did you know that there's seaweed in the ice cream you buy at the store (carrageenan, and ingredient made from seaweed)? Well, if that wasn't enough for you, there's also a beer that is flavored with seaweed too!

You beer enthusiasts and aficionados thought the seaweed beer was weird? What about beer made from whale bone??

Does anyone want to give me enough money to buy one of these amazing outdoor tents? Because I really, really want one. Thanks.

I'm loving this current day interpretation of a child's drawings made into art.

With summer in full swing, and peaches in season, I just might make this drool worthy recipe. Or hope it shows up magically in the kitchen.

I have to say, these are some of the cutest date cards I've ever seen... would you say yes to a date because of how cute they are?

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