July 18, 2014

finally, friday

I took a day trip with a friend to a place I've been dying to visit-- Big Sur, California. It is just as stunning and beautiful a place as I imagined. The water is aqua blue, the town is quiet, the trees are big (duh, redwoods), and everything about it is gorgeous. We did a couple short hikes to see the view of the valley and a waterfall, went beachcombing and played on the beach, and of course, went to see the infamous McWay Falls. If that picture of McWay Falls isn't gorgeous already, those flowers that grew on the side of the mountain made it even prettier! I love that you can go to the see the oceanside and hike amongst the Redwoods in a matter of minutes-- California really is an amazing place. I also heard a law passed in the 70's that stated you can't build a house anywhere in view of the highway, which is why there are hardly any homes developed in view. I love that because it's absolutely preserved the natural beauty of the area instead of making it look inundated with humans. It was a wonderful day, one of the best I've had this summer. I hope you're getting out of the house this weekend and doing some adventuring of your own, even if it means heading down to your local farmers market or hanging out at a park. Cheers!

Genius idea against food waste... I wish we did that here in the states.

I am in utter awe of this volcano in Congo, I very badly want to go!

If you've been keeping up with me on instagram, I just recently finished my diving certification and got certified in Monterey, CA... I would love to dive these remaining spots.

Less need to worry about your delicious oysters disappearing, the EPA passed a bill that should help with ocean acidification, but it shouldn't (and hopefully won't) just end there! Keep doing your part. :)

How awesome is this hand woven scarf? It makes me want a loom...

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