June 01, 2013

my boyfriend jean shorts

There's nothing I like better in an outfit than laid-back boyfriend style, with a feminine feel. You get the comfort of feeling like you're in your sweats or pajamas, but don't quite look the part. These are some of my favorite boyfriend-inspired pieces because they are cut for women, so they still accentuate and hug the right areas, but possess that yea-i-just-threw-on-my-bf's-clothes-and-am-ROCKING-it-attitude. They are undeniably comfortable, and a little bit rugged. I have many denim shorts, but none that fit like these, and boy, do they fit like magic. They are slouchy, but just fitted enough. This tank is rugged and worn, it feels like you've had it forever and is absolutely the most comfortable thing in my closet. I think I have a new summer uniform.

Wilfred tank, Rag and bone boyfriend shorts (moss), high-top Converse, Forever 21 bag. Kenzo shades

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