January 14, 2013

boyish charm

Wilfred Capucine T-shirt, James Jeans denim
Jack Purcell sneakers, Timex watch, Ebbets Field Flannels cap 

The weekends events included exploring the beautiful overlooks of San Francisco, and also hanging out in one of its parks that I don't frequent very often, Mountain Lake Park. San Francisco is such a beautiful city with breathtaking views everywhere, from the gorgeous skylines to streets lined with victorian houses, but my favorite always tend to be the overlooks with a view of the ocean and the unique topography of the California Coastline. I'm excited to do a bit more hiking on the various trails along the coastline once the weather gets back to normal and stops being so frigid. I also got to break in my new cap from Ebbets Field Flannels-- I love it for it's boyish, yet vintage look, not to mention the super cool green underbill. I'm always for bringing it back old school. :)

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