November 05, 2014

october favorites

This new hair product has made a huge difference in how my hair behaves and feels. I used to use the Bumble and Bumble color-minded shampoo and conditioner, but now that they have come out with this new Hairdresser's invisible oil line I'm never going back. This new line of theirs makes my hair so soft and leaves it feeling moisturized yet still weightless-- a really good thing especially since I have fine hair that can be weighed down easily.

I was browsing NARS's new audacious lipstick formula and was instantly wooed by the super pigmented, gorgeous range of colors. I was tempted to get a vampy red or deep berry color, but since I already have many a shade like them at home, I opted for this color called Anna. It's a purple-toned neutral and like nothing I have at home. I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it and that trend will likely carry over into November too.

How I had not had a cosmetics bag/pouch is beyond me. Now I can keep all the makeup I usually throw into my handbag in one place and don't have to worry about caps or lids falling off and ruining the inside of my purse. This pouch in particular I made myself from remnant fabric I bought from my trip to Portland a couple years back and I love it so much.

I've wanted a leather backpack for a while now and this one from Madewell totally fits the bill. I really love that I can wear the weight evenly on my back now instead of carrying around a shoulder bag that tires out only one of my shoulders. The only downside (or could be a good thing) is the space inside is quite large so I've been filling it up with all kinds of things and man is it heavy!

I really love a messy, undone hair style so you'll rarely see me with a completely polished look, instead I like rocking that matte, choppy, piecey 'do and these two products have been helping me achieve that lately with the utmost ease.

These boots from Madewell are surprisingly comfy even with the short heel on them. They have been the perfect addition to Fall and slightly dressing up casual outfits to avoid looking frumpy has been effortless.

I haven't yet finished this book but I'm more than half way through and it's been so entertaining a little funny, and just really refreshing to read. If you're interested in reading about a company that saw a need for a product, filled that need by making quality products, turned it into a growing business that started to boom, and through that growth continued it's philosophy on business then this one's for you. Totally recommend this one and I haven't even finished it yet.

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