December 12, 2014

finally, friday

Festive decor at a local taqueria
Is this not the cutest personal sized Panettone you've ever seen?
First time trying a Danish Kringle and it was right up my alley with the marzipan.
Celebrating the Holidays and getting dolled up, as you do.

And even though it's not Monday, another song for you just because. :)

Good morning and happy Friday! So guys, we've weathered through #hellastorm aka #stormageddon and I have to admit, while I didn't get stuck in any of the major flooding, or experiencing any of the blackouts, etc, seeing photos of it was a little cray. I'm happy that it's raining though, we've definitely needed it. On another not, can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? I'll be celebrating a few things this weekend, one of them being a Christmas party with a bunch of close friends. Hope you all have a great weekend, cheers!

I love this food blog from these two sisters. Their food photos and recipes are drool worthy.

Love described in 23 languages.

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